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Guiding you to forward thinking and tranquility.

Using ancestral teachings and


At Frankieispeaker I offer a range of services designed to help you explore the power of mindfulness. From individual coaching sessions to group Talks & Masterclasses, each service is tailored to your unique mindfulness journey. With my help, you or your group can experience the full power of mindfulness and unlock your full potential.




I offer 1:1 coaching and group workshops to help you achieve and maintain mindfulness. I will provide you with personalized practices to help you gain focus, clarity, forward thinking & tranquility.

I provide inspiring and engaging Mindfulness Talks for both small personal and corporate events. I tailor my talks to meet the needs of your event and ensure your guests leave feeling informed and inspired.

Interactive sessions & Personalized guidance
My Masterclass offers interactive sessions with personalized guidance for both small and large groups. I provide your group with  an engaging experience that will help you develop a deeper understanding of Stoicism or my  80 Twenty Equation, and how to put the principles into practice.

Frank Iovine is a  Life Consultant, Mindfulness Expert and Public Speaker. Specializing in the support of forward thinking individuals who wish to regulate internal emotions and thought patterns in order cultivate external responses reactions and behaviors, and also create a life of Joy and Tranquility. 


Frank Iovine, a seasoned advocate for mental well-being, draws inspiration from Stoic philosophy and mindfulness techniques in his journey of self-discovery and resilience. With a career spanning over two decades in the New York City Police Department, Frank's exposure to the harsh realities of life ignited a passion for Stoic principles, guiding him in the pursuit of inner tranquility amidst external challenges.

In his role as a police officer, Frank implemented outreach programs, fostering mentorship and positive activities for the community's youth. As he climbed the ranks to Detective, he encountered the profound impacts of trauma, prompting a deep exploration of Stoic teachings on emotional resilience and acceptance.





Following his retirement from the NYPD, Frank has dedicated himself to sharing the transformative power of Stoic philosophy and mindfulness. Trained as a Suicide Support Officer and certified breath coach, he imparts these ancient and contemporary practices to individuals seeking mental well-being. Frank's unique blend of Stoic wisdom, mindfulness techniques, and real-world experience creates a compelling narrative that inspires others to navigate life's challenges with equanimity and purpose.

I have served as a featured speaker for corporations and organizations on topics ranging from Stoic Philosophy, through 'The Four Agreements' thereby providing a template for creating a life of Joy. 

My mission is to  incorporate principles that focus on leveraging positive emotions and behavior for any stage of life,  while promoting happiness and tranquility of the mind. I believe that through everyday thoughts and actions, we can live our most productive lives!

I supports my clients through group programs, and private 1:1 consultancy.


Current Talks

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Finding Tranquility & Harmony
Simple Selfcare

With a  few simple changes in our perception, we  can change the way we understand the environment around us. Once we start to grasp our world through a different lens, we can take simple steps to change our behaviors and develop insights into what motivates us, holds us back, and makes us feel rewarded.


Audiences will learn some effortless Breathing Techniques along with some very simple mindfulness methods such as; The Bird's Eye View which is designed to alleviate negative behaviors in our  day-to-day lives, and will aid in discovering tranquility and harmony.


My approach to understanding and practicing self-care will help you access and maintain the inner peace that is pre-existent within us all.

Life is to be lived, not watched
Using the knowledge of our ancestors to enjoy our present day life.

We have all heard that history repeats itself, so why not learn the lessons and techniques our ancestors used in order to achieve balance?


We begin by helping you deepen your teams understanding of our ancestors' life experiences.  Using examples gleaned from my life challenges, I will demonstrate how drawing on the wisdom of my ancestors resolved those problems.  I will also explain to the audience how and why many of these age-old techniques still work today.  


I use my understanding of the teachings of Stoic philosophy, combined with modern-day strategies, to explore how centuries of  insight can be applied to help you achieve greater peace today. My working-mans wisdom, informed by the tenets of ancient teachings and a practical approach to developing life skills, has inspired audiences to LIVE life and not simply watch it go by.

Hiding In Plain Sight
Identifying the subtle "Tells" of suicidal thinking

We all have the ability to be compassionate and be empathetic to others, and we all want to help others in their time of need.  But sometimes we are not aware that a friend, loved one, or co-worker is suffering deeply or experiencing suicidal thoughts.


Becoming aware of  the simple phrases and behaviors that signal suicidal thinking and self-harm are the first steps toward offering help and potentially saving a life. 


I will teach you techniques for identifying someone who might be contemplating suicide, unlocking the gifts of listening and understanding, while offering meaningful assistance at a time when intervention is crucial. 


The 80/Twenty Equation
Delving into the power of our thoughts!

Did you know, we have 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per-day? And that 80 percent of them are Negative! Well what about the other Twenty percent? Yes they are Positive! Join me on a journey into how the 80/Twenty Equation works, and how to have master the Twenty Percent! 


I will share my insights, techniques and guidance on mindfulness and howI live in the present moment. By learning to observe our thoughts without judgment and focusing on the present, we can reduce stress and find greater meaning and purpose in our lives. Join me on this journey of self-discovery and unlock your full potential.




I have had the pleasure of partnering with Frank in our volunteer work with POPPA throughout the years I have witnessed Frank display a high degree of integrity, responsibility and aspiration. He would always be the leader of our group. He retired from the NYPD in, 2007 and shortly thereafter became a dad to a beautiful little girl who he adores. A pivotal time in his life yet his drive and desire to helpful human beings by the experience he had during those years, of change. His astute judgment, and mature outlook in ensures a logical and practical approach to his endeavors.

It is an honor and pleasure pleasure to provide a wholehearted endorsement of my partner in saving lives.

Evelyn M. Figuera, LCSW-R

Bilingual Clinical Psychotherapist


Connect With Frank

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